How are we already halfway through 2021!? I don't know about anyone else, but my brain refuses to understand the notion of time anymore.

How are you planning to spend the rest of the year? I like to use June as a way to reflect and figure out the plan for the next half of the year, and it'll be the same this year. I may share some of my planning and thoughts along the way along with new projects and happenings too.

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BTS of the Roast of AKA

Oh hi, hey, hello! Where have I been lost? Busy at work surprisingly. Things have changed quite a lot since last year, which is the main reason for my silence. It seems every year something or the other creeps up which takes my attention away, but this year I want to put triple the effort into balancing everything. I think this would be the most pivotal time in my life to document the happenings, changes and learnings… so why not do it here? At least it’ll be a lot better than going back in time to what I wrote in 2011 (what a cringe fest!).



As the title suggests, I’m going to give you a quick behind-the-scenes of what the Comedy Central Roast of AKA presented by Showmax was like. I was able to spend the entire day leading up to the event sharing a BTS experience for the Showmax Instagram and Twitter accounts. Live events are always such a whirlwind of nerves, excitement and a ton of anxiety packed into a day where things never go according to plan but you roll with the punches. This event, we were prepared and definitely served a ton of quality content that I’m proud of.



What was the lead up to the big night like? A lot of rehearsals from the talent, me bumping into Papa Penny one too many times (literally), spotting Pearl Thusi’s magic IRL before she hit the stage and one Red Bull getting me through the day. The production quality was absolutely amazing and the hard work that went in behind-the-scenes was definitely evident in the final packaged product.




The red carpet was such an experience! Viacom and the extended teams really did a great job of having a very organised process which is ALWAYS something I’m grateful for. I was able to chat to a number of great people including Mr Supermega himself, AKA. AKA was really chilled, accommodating and lovely to finally meet. I also finally met Moonchild Sanelly who I’m a low-key massive fan of – can I have her entire closet please?




Overall, it was a fun event and you can witness everything uncut, uncensored on Showmax. This is just a rundown of the big night, but as you can see from the sprinkling of social media post embeds, it was a continuous effort from the awesome team I’m in over a few months. Honestly, big ups to everyone I work with and my lovely boss who oversees everything to ensure we deliver all these levels of INCREDIBLE!

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