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The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice I Review

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to sit down and finally write this because it means… I finally experienced Disney on Ice! Yup, after three consecutive years of missing it since moving to JHB, I can finally say I was able to watch the spectacular performance courtesy of Showtime Management.

It’s no surprise that I’m a massive Disney Devotee so when I was offered the opportunity to interview one of the performers and attend the opening night show, I jumped at the opportunity. I decided to take along two of my friends, Zuren and Rikashni who love Disney too. We had a total blast!

What to expect?

A great experience! The detail in the show is incredible and had me in complete awe the whole way through. It also gave us older Disney fans a trip down memory lane being able to see The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and Snow White come to life on the ice. I grew up with those classics on VHS tape and it made my inner 9 year old self very happy to witness.


I watched the show at the Ticket Pro Dome where I went prepared for cold, but surprisingly it wasn’t! Granted, I’d suggest carrying a jacket because I’m not too sure how Durban and Cape Town’s temperatures will be. What made me really happy was all the happiness around because that’s the thing about Disney: it promotes being happy. Seeing happy kids and laughing folk really just put a smile on my face knowing the house of mouse was the one responsible.

The Show

The show is just under two hours with a short intermission in-between. There are tons of Disney branded snacks around. We were able to pay by card, but carry cash too just in case speed points are down or for a quicker transaction. There is tons of merchandise to purchase before the show. I will say – with no shame – that I bought an Olaf mug and an extra large amount of popcorn for a cute little Disney bag. #SorryNotSorry

The performance revolves around Mickey Mouse and the gang roping you into a fun hunt which intertwines the magical stories we all know and love. We have the likes of The Lion King, Finding Dory and Frozen amongst others to look forward to. The only part I was disappointed by was the amount of characters missing from the show. Sure, you can’t have the entire stable of Disney names in one show but I was really adamant Beauty and the Beast would be there based on the live action having released earlier this year. Alas, it wasn’t and didn’t spoil anything overall so it’s still worth every Rand and cent!


Yes guys, I really teared up during Frozen. I found it amazing! Everything about this just gets me each time! Granted, even though our set and backdrop is wonderfully detailed and colourful, it’s actually not the same as what was seen overseas. Again, it doesn’t change anything drastically if you’ve never experienced that version before.

Lastly, I loved the Tangled portion because it was simply beautiful! I don’t want to give too much away but keep your eyes peeled and witness the simple beauty that is displayed!

Is it worth it?

Yes! Disney on Ice is worth the money! I went out wishing I had been able to experience previous shows – I will not be missing future shows! The detail and hard work that goes into Disney on Ice is obvious and enjoyable. Disney fans young and old will love it! It got me hoping and praying that we could eventually have Disney on Ice present Frozen come to South Africa. Maybe… one day? In the interim, you need to book your tickets on Computicket to not miss out!

Also, don’t forget to check out my interview with South African Ice skater, Konrad Giering who shares some details about playing Kristoff and what goes on behind-the-scenes!

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