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Top 5 favourite Nintendo 3DS games

Top 5 favourite Nintendo 3DS games

If you know me, then you know I enjoy gaming. Though, if you know me very well, you’ll know that Nintendo has a very special place in my heart. It was ever since my sister gave me her old Gameboy back in the day and my cousin’s introduction to the original Pokemon games. Nintendo just always gets me and I enjoy playing m favourite games on my commute home from work – it’s very relaxing.

I’ve decided to do a quick blog post, as I count down the days until #rAgeExpo2015, about my current five favourite Nintendo games. Check the list out below.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Yes, I still love this game ages later – thought I did get into the fandom quite late too. Regardless,  I enjoy coming back to my town of Kyandi (Japanese for ‘candy’) and walking through the flowers, fishing and checking out what new items I can buy. It’s one of the sweetest games ever.

All the Pokemon games: I’m currently replaying Pokemon Pearl – one of my ultimate favourite Pokemon games – as well as Pokemon X. It’s interesting to see the differences between the two – the desgin being the main one. Whether it’s a classic or a new Pokemon game, I always love trudging through the tall grass and catching Eevee, ha ha.

Fantasy Life: Oh my word, this game is my everything! In my first week of purchase I already clocked like 10 hours into the game and had gotten nowhere! Ha ha, saying that may seem strange but really it’s a good thing. I’ve been playing this game at a steady pace and really enjoy the freedom and customisation it offers. I’m keen to see what the mobile version ill be like.

Super Smash Bros.: Do I need to explain this game at all? It’s every Nintendo Nerd’s dream because you can play as all your favourite game characters and fight and just… aah, thank you for this perfection.

 Super Mario: Sticker Star: It took me some time to get into this game, but man oh man, it’s so adorable and colourful. How can yo not be happy when you’re Mario going all over the lands collecting stickers? So kawaii~

I hope you all liked this little post sharing which games I am enjoying on my Nintendo 3DS. I need to get the latest console, can’t believe I don’t have it!

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